Tiny House Shells-Insulated Roof Panels

Our new specialty – insulated cabins and tiny houses.

Lego-Like tiny house walls for DIY builders-interior/exterior finished-prewired for electric service.

Insulated ceiling panels provide excellent thermal protection.



Insulated ceiling panels-heavy-duty construction-stucco over wood!

One man job - assembling an 8'  X 8' storage shed building.

Tiny homes are all the rage these days. These small structures resemble regular-sized homes but are often less than 300 square feet in size. For some, tiny homes are all about downsizing — learning to live with less in a small space. But for others, a tiny home is the perfect bite-sized addition to an existing home. If you’ve thought about slapping up a minuscule dwelling on your property, here are a few ways you can put one to use.

Home Office

Working from a home office has plenty of advantages: no dress code, no commute, and no coworkers to get in your way. The one downside of working from home is that your personal life can often distract you from your work. By building one of these small structures on the edge of your backyard, you can keep potential distractions at bay while you work. In addition to boosting your concentration, a tiny home also comes with big tax benefits, saving you money on your IRS bill for years to come.

Guest House

It’s nice to be able to host people, especially with the holidays right around the corner. But if space is tight at home, a guest room can seem like a bit of a luxury. Most of us can’t afford to sacrifice an entire room just for an occasional guest. But a tiny home is the perfect space to make your friends and family feel comfortable during their stay. And because it’s a free-standing structure, your guests can feel like they have a little privacy, something that is often in short supply during the chaos and noise of a visit during the holidays.

A Home For Your Hobbies

We all need a little space to unwind, and a tiny home is a perfect place to practice your hobbies in peace. Whether you’re looking for a sewing room, a man cave, a dedicated home theater, a quiet space for writing, or a well-lit studio for painting, a small structure offers just enough space to step away from your day-to-day life and do something you really enjoy.

Tiny Airbnb

Airbnb and other rental sites have made it easy for people to make a little extra money renting out a room or an entire home. The added income is attractive, but many of us might not be too eager to share a bathroom or the kitchen with a stranger. Rather than hosting people in the spare bedroom down the hall, renting out a tiny home on your property will allow you to keep your distance from your guests. Over time, the place will pay for itself and you can still use it as a guest house or hobby space when no one is staying there.

Stylish Storage

If you’re always on the hunt for extra storage space, you could consider putting up a tiny home as a stylish alternative to a simple shed. Many tiny homes come equipped with all of the basic amenities you’d find in a full-sized house, such as a kitchen and a bathroom. But you can skip the extras and just build a basic tiny home to house all of you gardening supplies, camping gear and other stuff that currently clutters your garage. In addition to using it as a storage space, you could also install the proper plumbing and use it as a laundry room, which could free up much-needed space in your main home.

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