Storage Sheds Photo Gallery

12'X8' - 2' overhang,2' X12' ramp

2 windows in the door-2 on sides.

Removable 3' loading ramp.

16'X10' with a 4' overhang and 36"x36" window

8'x12' shed with a 4' overhang
10'x10' shed with a loading ramp.
6'x12' building with small overhangs.
JaxShed exclusive-"floating overhang"
Lean-To Shed
Storage building on a big slope.
20'x24' Big Shed - "mini-warehouse"
20'x24' interior.
12'x12' shed with a steel entry door and an 8' loading ramp
16'x16' storage shed set on a concrete slab.
8' wall-tall building
20'x16' with a double door
12'x16' with a door on a side
Alex Under in front of a 8'x12' shed.


When you’re looking to purchase a shed, it’s typically because you need more space to store your valuable belongings. Therefore it’s crucial to have a shed that can you can depend on. All of the sheds we manufacture are made to hold up to Florida’s harsh conditions. Our sheds are created using quality materials and will stay looking new for many years to come.


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