Storage Sheds Photo Gallery

12'X8' - 2' overhang,2' X12' ramp

2 windows in the door-2 on sides.

Removable 3' loading ramp.

16'X10' with a 4' overhang and 36"x36" window

8'x12' shed with a 4' overhang
10'x10' shed with a loading ramp.
6'x12' building with small overhangs.
JaxShed exclusive-"floating overhang"
Lean-To Shed
Storage building on a big slope.
20'x24' Big Shed - "mini-warehouse"
20'x24' interior.
12'x12' shed with a steel entry door and an 8' loading ramp
16'x16' storage shed set on a concrete slab.
8' wall-tall building
20'x16' with a double door
12'x16' with a door on a side
Alex Under in front of a 8'x12' shed.


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