JaxShed door options


The door is the most important part of a shed. It is easily the most significant moving part of the building and an item that the shed owner will use every time they enter the building.

Over time, a basic wood-framed door tends to succumb to the elements – they warp, they won’t close properly, etc. But not our doors. Our doors are steel-reinforced for added strength. They won’t twist or warp. Our heavy-duty hinges (BALL BEARING TYPE) mean the door won’t sag, and our HOUSE DOOR handle provides security and easy access. Plus, we still give you the freedom to customize your door. Choose to add a double door, add an additional single door, choose where the door is placed, which way it opens, etc.

Regular house door lock
Heavy duty ball bearing hinges
Steel reinforced door frame
6 foot wide-all around welded door for a tractor garage.
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